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OPENVPN (protection of your original IP’s)

For limitation traffic when OpenVPN or PPTP connection isn’t working, disconnected, or if you don’t want that your computer comes to Internet without VPN, we offer use utility IP Filter & Monitor.

You can download it there. For installation may need library Microsoft.Net Framework Version 2.0. If run program ended with error, download and install Framework.

After installation you need to ask from support configuration file for your VPN account. Configurations file, received from support, will allow all connection under VPN and will block any connection pass by VPN. Setup program is very simple:

1. Received file need to open in program:
File – Import from text
If file doesn’t open, you should save this file with Notepad and point format file as Unicode


2. You will see list of downloaded rules. You should check, that needed rules apply on needed tetwrok interfaces. For it you need go to properties each rules and check index network interface. Rules number 5,6 and 7 should  apply on interface virtual adapter OpenVPN tap-win32 adapter. Other rules on Any.


3. Now you need to install filter driver
Configuration – Driver – Install Driver


4.Turn on/Turn off filter
Configuration – Filter – Start
Configuration – Filter – Stop
From now on your VPN – connection will be protected, and traffic leak will be impossible.