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OPENVPN (Win2000/2003/XP)

For customisation of OpenVPN-connection the personal login and the password, and also the certificate for confirmation of authenticity is required to you. We give you a complete account for short-term testing of connection. Together with it, you receive ip-address of server OpenVPN, and also the address of a DNS-server without логирования inquiries. For successful customisation of OpenVPN-connection, fulfil all steps in this manual. In case of occurrence of any questions, access in tools technical support.

  1. OpenVPN-connection demands presence of the own client. We suggest to download the last version OpenVPN 2.0 in which manufacturers allow to store a login and the password in a separate file. We care, that nobody has picked up this information, therefore we create difficult enough accounts. In later versions of the client which has been laid out on an official site it is forbidden to be authorised by means of a file - all information is entered online. The recompiled version of the client (with option ENABLE_PASSWORD_SAVE) is to address (or a fresh beta: If for you the version from a site is installed, and you do not wish to put recommended, follow the notes specified further.
  2. To instal the driver it is recommended in c:\program files\openvpn. However, if there is no such possibility, instal in any directory (in this case will pay attention to further notes). In a driver installation time, WinXP operating systems and Win2003 can produce messages on the unsigned driver. It is necessary to continue installation contrary to all guidelines MicroSoft. Anything terrible in this message is not present. 
  3. Load the certificate with the customised configuration file (a link on the customised config and the certificate technical support will give) and unsqueeze archive in a folder c:\vpn. The config will be already customised, therefore in it of anything it is not necessary to change. If you used the official version of the OpenVpn-client contrary to our instructions, change in a config string auth-user-pass "pass" on auth-user-pass and enter a login with the password manually after connection start.
  4. If you do not wish to start OpenVPN with GUI (graphic interface) carry out OpenVPN-connection start даблкликом under the scenario start.bat. If wish to use GUI click shortcut OpenVPNGUI.lnk (in a folder c:\vpn), then make right cliques on "мониторчикам", appeared in трее and select VPN-> Connect. It you initialize VPN-соединениеЕсли all normal, last string will look as: Initialisation Sequence Completed. It means that connection is started also all traffic перенаправляется through an OpenVPN-server. For check of operation of tools, access to page In the report you can see current ip-address. After the termination of operation with VPN, make active a window with connection and press a key "F4". At occurrence of problems, questions, complaints and sentences - access in ICQ 244436, or in ours FAQ (