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PPTP VPN (Windows XP)

For installing VPN you need to know IP-address of VPN-server and login/password for connect. Of course, we may give test account to you for checking speed and stability of service.

So, for installing test/full



1. Click the button "Next", choose type "Plug to network at work place", then check "Connect to Virtual Private Network (VPN)". In the next window you need to enter connection's name (any data), click "Next", choose mehod of connect (Don't dial the number before). In the next windows you need to enter IP-addesss of VPN-server (this address you may get from support).

2. Now return to first window, enter login/password and click "Connect". Now you connecting with server. For check your IP-addess, you may go to Web-page and verify IP.



After endind of work with VPN, click to picture of connecion (in tray) and click "Disconnect".