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What is the difference between OpenVPN and standard VPN?

Let’s see this services pluses & minuses.

+ Quickness. Only 1-2 minutes for setting-up.
+ Safety. Traffic decryption is absolutely impossible because of data compression and data encryption.
- You couldn’t create VPN-connection at certain circumstances (for example, at GPRS-connection) because your Provider could block GRE-packs.
- You can't connect via Proxy/Socks using PPTP VPN.

+ Lost traffic compensation and sometimes connection-acceleration over the effective traffic compression.
+ Safety. All data paranoiac encryption over the several encrypting protocols (MD5-HMAC, RSA) and 2048-bit key usage.
+ The OpenVPN allows running connection over Proxy/Socks, with different protocols and during the DHCP-protocol despotic block.
- You have to install your client and configurate the parameters. It takes you from 1 to 10 minutes.
- You may install the driver only for NT-system. It means that Win98 (MacOS) users couldn’t install OpenVPN.
- Sometimes OpenVPN is not in good relations with Kaspersky AV. That is the reason for you not to use these applications together.